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Five Things You Might Not Have Known About NCI By Brian Watterson

5. The original NCI colors were orange, grey, and white.  Yep, it’s true, before we made our slow transition to black and red, Nickie Nation wore the orange and grey.  Occasionally, you might still see a sweatshirt or two out there with our legacy colors.

4.  NCI has traveled the globe.  Outside of the formal 50 US states, NCI has performed work in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Canada, and Germany.

3. NCI has worked in some very historic locations.  In 1998, the US Department of Interior contracted with Network Connections for fiberoptics and copper data cabling in several historic buildings and sites in Philadelphia’s Independence Park.  The most notable sites were the First Bank of America and the 18th Century Garden, where the NCI crew had to painstakingly hand remove (and replace) a 250 year old brick walkway to install the fiber without impacting cosmetic qualities.

2.  NCI cabled the largest warehouse east of the Mississippi.  Way back in 2000, the NCI team was called in to install a fiberoptics network for a Kellogg’s/Pepperidge Farm warehouse outside of Allentown, PA.  At the time, the warehouse was the largest consumable goods storage facility east of the Mississippi River.  The project entailed installing several fiberoptics cables, with two of these cables each being over 2,000 feet in length. 

1. NCI’s first involvement in a national project was with Blockbuster video.  Yep, way, way, way back in the day, NCI served as a subcontractor on a national rollout to install data, alarm, and electric for ATM machines that would be placed in Blockbuster foyers.  So if you are old enough to remember hitting the local Blockbuster ATM to rent the Big Lebowski or Saving Private Ryan, you can think of your friends at Network Connections.

Until the next Five,

Brian Watterson

Kristen Pierce