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Top 5 NCI Traditions By Jeff Garvin

Starting at #5, is the most recent addition to hopefully what will become a time honored tradition - the Annual Arkadia Triangle Charitable Event.  The Arkadia Triangle is the philanthropic entity of NCI.  This past summer was our first ever charity event, a golf outing was held to raise money and awareness for the honey bee.  This event was a huge success, a lot of fun and reflected the giving nature of the NCI family.  I am looking forward to more events like this one becoming a prominent part and tradition of the NCI culture.

Migrating to #4 is the “Nickie Award”, which is very similar to the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Golden Globes and People’s Choice awards ….. but probably closer and more comparable to the Razzies and Darwin Awards.  These awards captured the noteworthy works and endeavors of NCI employees for that year and forever enshrined them into the NCI Hall of Shame & Infamy! Unfortunately, these awards ran their course or maybe we just started hiring a different breed - a more evolved breed of technicians and administrators that caused this award to become extinct.  However, this now defunct tradition will linger on in the archival annals of NCI’s history, folklore and drunken tales.

Standing strong at #3 is the famous/infamous NCI Movie.  As per Greg Davis’ previous blog, these movies are a hallmark of the NCI Christmas (I mean Holiday) party and became an annual tradition.  In fact, the script for this year’s production has been written and shooting begins in less than a week.  I love this tradition – for some reason they always make my character eat pastries and baked goods.  Action!!!

Coming in at #2 is the very meaningful and prestigious NCI Coin Ceremony. This tradition finds its lineage going back to Brian and his military days where custom minted coins are given to the organization’s consistently outstanding performers and loyal team contributors.  The coins are sequentially numbered with the newer recipients receiving the higher numbers.  Only a few recipients are chosen each year making this a very prestigious honor and has created loyal fraternal group within the NCI family.

And now, for the #1 longstanding tradition in NCI – the NCI Annual Christmas/Holiday Party!  This event has been around my entire 17 years and if my memory serves me, Brian has talked about having these before my time.  This event is a celebration of the year’s hard work, successes and growth of NCI.  It is the event where the NCI Movie is premiered (see #3 above), NCI Coins are presented (see #2 above) and Brian inspires us with a speech (filled with trivial but meaningful anecdotes, sports metaphors and military tales of his past escapades).  Employees and guests are treated to wonderful and unique entertainment (NCI Movie, live performers, DJs and dancing), alcohol, door prizes, alcohol, great food, alcohol, comradery and yes…….more alcohol.  See you all at this year’s party!

Jeff Garvin

Kristen Pierce