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Top Five NCI Nicknames By Gregg Rodgers

Nicknames have been around for centuries. We have all heard Honest Abe, The Gipper, Richard the Lionheart, Buffalo Bill, and Alexander the Great.  There are also the infamous nicknames. Such as Son of Sam, Teflon Don, Black Beard, Scarface, Baby Face Nelson, and so on.  Even yours truly had a nickname growing up, along with all my brothers.  We all had the same nickname.  I will keep you guessing on that.  Nicknames are often given out as a term of endearment, but not always.  Network Connections has graced several of their staff with some nicknames that have lasted.  All out of respect.  Here are the top 5 Nicknames at Network Connections.

5.  Angry Little Hobbit:   You may think this is a negative nickname, but I have come to learn that this particular individual did not mind the nickname.  I won’t name him here, but Bob or James could tell you.

4.  JT3:  Several people in history have been known for just their initials.  Such as, JFK, FDR, OJ, or LBJ.  Network Connections, recently married, Director of Operations James Thompson III is the proud owner of this nickname, for obvious reasons.

3.  Turtle: This is the longest standing nickname at Network Connections. Mark Heller has the honor of being anointed Turtle by our own President and Owner of Network Connections, Brian Watterson.  Salvatore "Turtle" Assante from the TV series Entourage is the inspiration of this nickname.  I wasn’t around then, but I guess that both Turtles did the same things for their bosses.

2.  Greyhound Dave:  Although this employee is no longer with Network Connections (so he will not be named), he has one of the most colorful nicknames.  Greyhound Dave was a young and eager Network Connections employee.  We had to send him and JT3 to Arizona for a job.  We asked if he had any issue flying and he said no.  Well the flight took off and then it began.  Anxiety to say the least.  I think at one point it resembled a scene from the 1980 movie Airplane.  You know the scene where the passengers were trying to calm another passenger down.  Flight Attendants were involved, medicine administered, and so on.  Well the flight landed safely and the two proceeded to the job.  Dave would have nothing to do with flying.  He booked ticket with Greyhound and took the 3 day trek home.  Not to be seen again.  Thus, the nickname.

1.  Bolton:  “To Love Somebody”, you sometimes give them a nickname.  Michael Bollinger (who?).  Yep, his real last name is Bollinger and not Bolton. Named after the famous singer, for no other reason than his first name is Michael and his last name starts with a B.  Bolton has proven to “Go the Distance” for Network Connections.  He now serves as our Field Service Manager.

There you have it.  Network Connections Top 5 Nicknames.  Maybe someday you will be honored with a nickname of your own.  Until the next time

Gregg “Buck” Rodgers

Kristen Pierce