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Top Five Events of 2017 By Brian Watterson

As we count down to 2018, I wanted to take some time to compose a list that captured the best of the best of 2017.  Here it goes:

5. Get That Lamp Shade off Your Head.  Yep, the word is out on us.  NCI throws a kick butt holiday bash.  This year was the crème de la crème as well over 100 souls braved the rush hour snowstorm to congregate at the Fuge and celebrate NCI-mas. Someday we will release the file of censored photo booth pictures…someday.

4. Go Sell it on the Mountain!  With the addition of Phil Gross and Cecelia Lupton, NCI has FINALLY brought in a salesforce worth mentioning.  With already a new national client, and more in the pipeline, Phil and Cecelia are proving to be worth the wait.

3. You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! Sure, that slogan is outdated and kinda sexist, but let’s celebrate the addition of Maryellen Madden to Field Operations and the significance of her role on our team.  Going the whole way back to the rotary dial, Ma Bell days, the telecommunications industry has been severely male dominated in the area of field services.  As our first full time female field technician, Maryellen is breaking stereotypes and exceeding expectations while she helps us shape our culture into that of a more forward thinking, inclusive company.  I’m very proud to have Maryellen on our team!

2. Order of the Triangle.  With a red, black, and now a white triangle, we have established a certification process to accredit our most savvy, trusted, and skilled operators.  NCI folks may now be eligible to earn the Red (field operations), Black (operational support/project management) or White (administrative, financial, logistical, or technology support). The current club is extremely exclusive, but slowly growing as we just added Chris G, Jerry, and Karla to the ranks of Jeff, Gregg, JT3, and Karen!

1. Please Come Back, Mr. Bee.  As part of our partnership with the Arkadia Triangle Foundation and Planet Bee, we set out to raise money and heighten awareness for the complicated plight of the Western Honey Bee, an animal whose potential extinction could rapidly worsen our already troubled ecological future.  Whether it was a successful golf outing, or a run of signature honey infused craft beer developed for us by our friend Nick Rosich and his troupe at Penn Brewery, we had a great summer supporting this cause.  We came together as a team as we learned how to become charitable, and more importantly, how to get involved.  Above all else, many of us walked away with a much greater understanding of the importance of that little bee.  I would be remiss if I didn’t give a special shout out to Amanda, Kristen, and Jessica on this one.  Good job, ladies!

Oh wait,

HONORABLE MENTION:  NCI Movie 2017 – “It’s a Wonderfully Nickie Life”.  I couldn’t end this list without a shout out to Mike Miller, Greg Davis, Scott Ash, and the scores of folks who kicked in and supported us in the production.  Ben, Charles, Kristen, Lito and all our other fine actors…well, maybe Hollywood ain’t calling yet, but still a great showing.  And how about that writing?  Donnie Roxx and Rump?  Great times!  Can’t wait until next year’s movie!


Kristen Pierce