Network Connections



What Makes Us Different?


As American consumers, we are bombarded every day, every minute, by service providers who claim that they are different. These claims tell us that the offered services are more reliable, better priced, better bundled, more socially responsible. Really? Socially responsible data infrastructure?  I think it’s safe to say that most service providers are long on promise and short on delivery. 

So, what makes NCI different? We firmly believe that we are very different from all of our competition, but why? At Network Connections, we hold a few things true to heart. One of these things is the importance of the customer experience.  So, what does that mean? In a nutshell, the NCI business model is predicated on the sole belief that the customer experience is the most important component of our foundation. It’s not super scientific. Happy customers bring us more business, and they willingly tell their colleagues about our service. Unhappy customers, well, let’s just agree that unhappy customer experiences lead to numerous bad endings. Pretty simple stuff, right? We call it customer happiness. A happy customer is one that receives a quality product at a reasonable price, delivered by a provider with professionalism and courtesy. 

At NCI we adhere to our four core values: loyalty, integrity, service, team; they guide us to make the best decisions that affect our customers and our teammates. We embrace our customers first and our people always. That’s how we maintain the customer experience. That’s how we create customer happiness. That’s what makes us different.

sean trapani