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Top Five By Brian Watterson

As we rapidly approach our 25th anniversary (wow!!), I’ve discussed some various blog topics with Amanda, our Marketing and Outreach Director.  We both agreed that rolling out 25 different Top 5 lists by next September will be a challenge that will certainly keep me busy.  I will probably enlist employee help down the road, but for now, I’ll start it off.  My first TOP FIVE:


5. Our History.  Come on, 24+ years in the making, and still going strong.  Did you know that less than 4% of all American small business start-ups ever see a 20th anniversary?  ‘Nuff said on that!

4.  Making Our Year End Movies.  I’ve said it before, but this has become such a great part of my life.  What started with just Greg Davis, Mike Miller, and myself has grown into a major initiative that over 35 different NCI employees have now taken part in.  Good times and some unforgettable roles, even though we are still Oscar-snubbed!

3.  Our Parties and Celebrations.  Ok, sort of ties into #4 a little.  We throw the best parties, right?  Kristen Pierce, you’re on the clock, let’s outperform last year’s celebration.

2.  Providing a Great Product/Customer Happiness.  I’ll be honest, I can be a little ego driven, and few things in my work life pump my chest up like happy customers.  I’m so thankful that NCI has always, and will always, prioritize customer happiness.

1.  Our Great Staff.  From our technicians to our specialists, coordinators, engineers, and logisticians, the whole way up the management chain to our trio of darn good Vice Presidents, Nickie Nation is blessed with great people.  Sure, we’ve had a few bad eggs, and guess what, they’re gone!  We get it right far more than we get it wrong when it comes to people.  It’s been said so many times, good people do great things!

Until the next list…

Brian S. Watterson

Kristen Pierce