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Top 5 Best Airports to Fly In/Out Of by Michael Bollinger

Hi, my name is Michael and I was asked to illustrate my top 5 best airports to fly in and out of.  I have not flown as much in the past few years as I did when I first started working for the company.  So, I had to rack my brain for a couple of these, but I hope you enjoy.

 5. DAL (Dallas Love Field Airport): 

This airport has a decent food court and multiple Starbuck’s throughout, which can be a life saver some days.  They also have a good variety of gift shops to choose from.  This airport is very clean and clearly marked.  I flew to this airport many times, but one time in particular, I remember connecting here.  The plane was running late, so I didn’t know if I was going to make the connecting flight out in time.  However, the airport’s small layout and friendly workers made everything go much smoother than I anticipated.  I even ended up having time to spare!

4.  FLL (Fort Lauderdale / Miami Airport):

You can’t go wrong with flying in and out of this airport, especially when you are flying from the cold Northeast this time of year.  There is nothing like stepping out into the warm sunshine after being stuck on a plane for hours.  Another reason why this is one of my favorite airports is, you don’t need to find a shuttle to take you to the rental car facility.  It is just a hop, skip, and a jump and you are on your way.

3. BWI (Baltimore/Washington, DC Airport):

I know that some of you do not like BWI, but this is the airport I have used the most. It is super easy to find a nonstop flight in and out of this airport, even if you wait to book until the last minute.  Navigating around this airport is also rather simple.  If you ever need to stay an extra night in Baltimore, stop by one of the local spots to eat the best crabs you can find!

2. LAS (Las Vegas Airport):

As you fly in and out of Vegas, you can see the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas strip from the plane.  If you are flying at night, check out the bright city lights out over the strip.  The airport also has some amazing artwork throughout, such as paintings, sculptures, and displays.  Be sure to allow enough time to take it all in.  If your flight is delayed, you can pass the time by trying your luck at one of 1,300 slot machines in the airport.  And remember, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

1.   OGG (Maui, HI Airport):

I have not flown here for work (sorry guys), but Rachael and I travelled here for our honeymoon.  If you ever have the chance, you definitely need to go to Hawaii. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  This airport has an open-air building design, so you are greeted by tropical Hawaiian air as soon as you depart the plane.  It is a very small airport with only two runways and a limited number of flights; therefore, it is typically not very crowded or busy.

Michael Bollinger

Kristen Pierce