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Top Five Gifts By Karen Lehmicke

I’m always on the lookout for the best gift to give a person:  boss, coworker, friend, sibling, husband, you name it.  Obviously what can be considered the “best gift” varies wildly depending on who the recipient is, and their relationship to you.  I’m going to concentrate on those people that are (in my opinion) the most difficult to buy for – the person who has everything.  How do you buy something for someone who can buy whatever (small) things they want for themselves?  Well, you make it personal.  Not personal to them, personal to YOU.

I’m definitely someone who loves good food, and I love trying NEW good food.  So this guide concentrates on food.  If you’re not a foodie, time to move on to the next top 5 list!

Here we go:

5.   Gift certificate to your favorite restaurant, as long as it is local to them.  If they have to drive 2 hours to get there, it’s not really an ideal gift.  In that case, find the restaurant you like best that is close to them.

4.  A basket with your favorite movie (if you know they haven’t seen it) on DVD or Blu Ray, along with popcorn and other treats that you love to have while watching a movie.  Alcohol in the basket is a nice touch, too(make sure they actually drink the type of alcohol you are giving them, or drink alcohol at all for that matter).  Alternately, if there is a Movie Tavern in their area, a gift certificate to one of them will provide the movie, food, and alcohol! 

3.  Send a gift of fancy cupcakes, cake, brownies, cookies, etc.  to their house.  I did this for Christmas for someone with “Wicked Good Cupcakes”(which I had seen on Shark Tank).  I had never had them myself because they are so expensive, I couldn’t justify the extravagance for myself.  But when gifting someone else, that’s the perfect time to splurge on something extravagant that you would like to try(I didn’t even send myself some at the same time!).  Always read review to make sure the product lives up to the hype if you haven’t tried them before.

2.  Donate in their name to your favorite charity.  I know this sounds weird, but it is nice for you and them.  Just make sure you don’t donate to  “The Human Fund” (Seinfeld reference).

1.  A basket of “your favorite things”.  I did this a couple of years ago for someone, and the recipient really seemed to enjoy it.  Obviously since most of my favorite things are edible, it was mostly food – all the food that you just cannot stop once you’re given a bit.

Hope this gives you some great ideas for that person in your life that is difficult to buy for!

Karen Lehmicke

Kristen Pierce