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Top Five Worst Airports to Fly In and Out Of by James Thompson

I was honored with the task of illustrating the five worst airports to travel to or from.  During my 11-year career I have traveled to 38 states and have seen some great things during my time of traveling.  However, I have also been through some rough trips.  I am thankful that the “road dog” days are somewhat in my past, but glad I was able to experience it for around 7 years of non-stop traveling.  It has been about 4 years since I have been on a flight, so I am going from memory for this list.  Here we go.

5. Des Moines, IA (Des Moines International Airport-DSM):
This airport really isn’t that bad, but the experience I had is worth mentioning.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I greatly dislike Iowa as a whole.  Imagine Christmas Eve morning and being the only flight to make it out of the airport as the rest were grounded due to the weather.  It gets worse; right before take-off you see someone spraying the wings, so they don’t freeze during takeoff.  Good news is we made it, and everyone cheered once we were in the air.  I even made it home in time for candlelight service that evening.

4. Houston, TX (George Bush Intercontinental Airport-IAH): These next two I slightly cheated on by doing a search. I do remember flying in/out of here once and the experience was less than stellar.  If you must fly to or through Houston and don’t want to be late, choose Houston Hobby (HOU).  This airport has some high wait time and missed connecting flights.

3. Newark, NJ (Newark Liberty International Airport-EWR): I have heard some interesting stories about this airport and have experienced it myself once.  Good news: we were leaving to head to somewhere tropical, out of the country.  Bad news: we had to fly back into this airport.  Same as the above bullet with missed flights and layovers.

2. Chicago, IL (O'Hare International Airport-ORD/Chicago Midway Airport-MDW): These 2 airports are about the same in experience, so I clumped them together.  I vividly remember observing the most people I have ever seen in one area wearing surgical masks.  It was like an epidemic was in effect.  Lastly, this is the only area that I have had to get a hotel because my connecting flight was missed and the next one out wasn’t until the morning. 

1. Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia International Airport-PHL): To round out the list is an airport from my home state.  I have always said that even if I lived closer to the Philly Airport, I would still drive to BWI in Baltimore, MD to fly.  Just a few reasons I find this to be the worst: terrible routes to get into the airport, parking garage nightmares, delays & missed flights.  The list is endless, and I have been very close to missing flights here but thankfully never have.

I hope you enjoyed my insight into airports!  To sum it up: I greatly dislike Iowa and Philly needs to work on a few things.


Kristen Pierce