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Top Five Things I’ve Learned about Managing a Successful Company Event by Kristen Pierce

Whether it’s an employee morale event, a holiday party, or a charity golf outing, planning a company event can be stressful. When I started at Network Connections, “Party Planner” was the part of my job that immediately seemed like the biggest challenge. From head counts to table cloths to menus, planning any type of party can be a juggling act. As I learned what I was doing, it became much easier, and way more fun. Now I look forward to planning extravagant events that people will talk about for years, and there are a few things I always keep in mind when doing so:

5. Give them food and they will come. Food is the first thing people will remember after your event. A good menu will be talked about for years to come, and make everyone happy while they are at your event. If your venue has a decent reputation for serving good food, I recommend you use them. It will be the simplest and most efficient way to tackle catering.

4. Everyone likes free stuff! Providing your event attendees with some kind of giveaway is a nice way to thank them for supporting you at your event. And of course a raffle with awesome prizes is always a fun activity, as all NCI employees know.

3. Time management is key! It’s important to define your goals well before any event, and keep them in mind throughout the planning process. When I sit down to plan any type of gathering, I first like to make a check list of everything that needs to be accomplished for party day. Once you have a list, you can prioritize what needs to be done first, and what can be handled closer to the event date. Make deadlines for yourself, and for others. And don’t be afraid to delegate!

2. Be flexible. More often than not, you encounter surprises that delay a specific item being crossed off your “to do” list. That’s ok! Especially if you have planned ahead and left some wiggle room for inevitable unexpected delays. On the night of our holiday party last year, the area was hit with a major snow storm, causing huge delays in the area. The entire schedule was moved around to accommodate late comers, and almost no one even noticed!

1. Passion makes the event the best it can be. The job of coordinating and organizing events is extremely demanding and stressful, so it’s vital that planners have a tremendous energy and a passion for the job. Things can become difficult at times, but a true passion for the event will motivate planners to charge full steam ahead and make their event the best it can possibly be.

Bonus! If you didn’t take pictures, did it even happen? Document your event!! It makes it much easier to promote the following year, and everyone loves a good keepsake.

Kristen Pierce

Kristen Pierce