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Top Five Superheros That Could Make Networking Better by Mark Lefler

In the world of NCI there are heroes and, well, HEROES. Networking is a tricky world and only the best and bravest will survive. This is a list of the top 5 superheroes that could make the networking world right if they only weren't off fighting Thanos or some other inexplicit evil being. They would be the NCI League of Heroes!

5. Forge:  His abilities are more like magic than a mutant gene. A member of the X-Men, or was it X-Factor, oh well, it's one of the X groups. He can more or less build anything or fix anything, it’s like magic.  He could fix and invent hardware faster than Dell and smarter than CISCO.  He'd be a super-tech, for sure, so move over, Jerry D!

4. Tony Stark: Smartest man around, he could design, build, and service all equipment, new and old, getting it to hum smoothly, without breaking a sweat. The only problem is that his salary requirements are probably prohibitive, I'm not sure Brian's breaking the bank on him!

3. Shuri:  While Tony may be the smartest man around, Shuri is the smartest woman, and the sister of Black Panther. She had a plan for unwiring the Gem from Vision. She could certainly wire a server room in no time, making it look like child's play.  With a brain like hers, even Banyan Vines would be pruned neatly, so a few hundred Cat 6 patch cords, problem.

2. Castiel: While not specifically a superhero, he is in a comic, and he is super. With the ability to teleport from customer site to customer site, anywhere in the world, we could definitely expand our reach and would never have to pay mileage! Who knows, there's always a good chance that when he says "God, just work!", it might. Go angel power!

1. Willow Rosen: From Buffy, Willow is not only highly intelligent, but she’s a witch, and sometimes a little magic is all one needs to make network stuff work. At least we wish we had some magic at times to make things work when it seems like nothing else will!

Mark Lefler

Kristen Pierce