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Top Five Things I've Heard on an NCI Telephone by Jen Rispo

As with any job, whether working from home or office, you begin to become immune to all background noise.  You become lost in your work, feeling like you’re in total seclusion.  While working from home, or out of your work truck, has its advantages, we sometimes may forget where we actually are. There’s one big difference not working in an office setting. Meetings and conversations are conducted in a whole new manner and the telephone becomes your new reality when speaking with peers.

We have become the select few that have stepped into the workforce of the 21st Century.  If you’re a technician in the field or on the business side of things, telephone conversation is one of the best ways for employees to get a handle on what’s going on within the company.  NCI is no different! 

Whether it’s conducting our weekly teleconference meetings or just talking with each other on the phone, we are able to share our work status, policies, procedures, upcoming events and sometimes our complaints. Some may see it as a given that while attending such meetings your phones MUTE button should be set; therefore, your individual background noise won’t disrupt the importance of the agenda that is being spoken.  Although, that has sometimes not been the case, and that’s where I begin my list of the Top Five Things I’ve Heard on an NCI Telephone:

5. Did Someone just flush?

“Conducting business” became a whole new meaning as the obnoxious sound of water flowing through a drainpipe, could be painstakingly heard, echoing in the distance.

4. What is “THAT”?

Sometimes I still wonder as to what someone’s child was doing when they were firmly instructed to “NEVER DO “THAT” AGAIN!  Only hearing a partial conversation can always leave things a little bit confusing.

3. Can I take your order?

Yes, you’re on the road and it’s a definite that you must eat, but listening to the nasally voice of a fast food order taker sometimes leaves me, not knowingly, craving what you’re having.

2. Curdling growls!

Just for the record, the sound of anyone’s dog barking in their home, travels one million times louder through my headset!  In reality, I know it’s not a ferocious animal on the attack, but my ears say otherwise.

1. American Idol….NOT!

I understand music makes us happy and gives us an escape, but listening to you sing along with a professional artist in your truck and thinking you’re in tune with them, just might be your downfall.

Jen Rispo

Kristen Pierce