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The Five Odd Revelations Becoming a part of “Nickie Nation” by Joe McMichael

Coming from a very different industry with a “Brick and Mortar” company, I found a period of adjustment happening with NCI. Some things I knew to expect, some I had a good idea, and some, well let’s just leave that they may have made the list here.

5. What is this peculiar thing, people eat in the mornings?

There is this weird thing that I have recently discovered. It’s where people eat food…before they do things? Breakfast was not a meal I was familiar with unless it involved a brew made from magic beans, and maybe some creamer in there for nutritional value. In the past two weeks, I have taken the time to not only have breakfast, but occasionally read a newspaper. It was an odd feeling to have that time, and even have a casual chat with a fellow employee. It also often has doubled as the planning portion for the day and setting up the success.

4. Am I going to the store, or to work?

Coming from a different workplace, I found it very fitting to the company’s relaxed nature that I could wear jeans to work. This was an oddity for sure, coming from the realms of the stiff khakis and oxfords. And, those that know me will laugh, yes, I do iron out my jeans, and if I wear a T-Shirt, Ironed as well. Hey, working in a dry cleaners makes for some interesting habits.

3. Innovation

During the first couple weeks, I watched several occasions where coworkers were purely innovative. They found a way to work smarter, not harder. Be efficient. However, this was not because someone required them to do so. They were inspired to do so. I watched multiple times where employees engineered ways to make it happen. What is it? It is everything. Including the proper use of handheld vanity mirrors. I will laugh at this one forever, Brian.

2. There can’t be only one.

No, we are not busting out the swords and fighting for immortality here. I watched teamwork on all levels so far. But even better, I watched how there is a certain dynamic that NCI has that I have yet to see executed in any other business. Though there is a hierarchy like all business, everyone is on the same level. There is not someone who puts themselves above others. And come on, this is from the new guy observing. Plain and simple, some companies call their group a family. NCI walks the walk.

1. Loyalty and Appreciation

A lot of things have come as shocks with NCI. After working for one industry for 18 years, I was bound to have some shock. However, the things I worried about, really didn’t matter. I sit in shock sometimes when some of the benefits come about. Such as, not being required to spend a small fortune on apparel. Or the upcoming NCI 25 and how it will be appreciation and celebration, not just a blowing of horns. There are some rare gems in this company that very few long standing businesses, or even short standing, are able to hold onto.

I look forward to meeting everyone in the company, and putting in my part to push for NCI 50. Thanks to everyone who has made me feel welcome, and who has taken part in showing me the NCI way.

Joe McMichael

Kristen Pierce